Our mission

Rezilient embodies the fusion of Northwest and modern art in a variety of forms. Overcoming feelings of intersectionality in a fun, beautiful way that will resonate with everyone.


Amber Spindel started Rezilient after coming to the realization that being mixed has the beauty of enjoying and celebrating different parts of the world through culture, but can also create feelings of insecurity that you aren’t enough of any one thing.


It was at this point that she began to think others may feel the same. Those that are mixed, spouses, friends or family members might want to show pride, support or simply love the same art and culture but feel uncomfortable displaying that.

Rezilient is here for you! Decorate your walls, cover your waterbottles with stickers or wear it, show your true colors and share your rezilient pride!

  • Amber Spindel - Owner | Artist

    Amber Spindel is a Port Gamble S'klallam Tribe member based in Seattle, she has been honing her skills in analog, digital painting and design for the past several years. Originally a 3D game artist, Amber blended her 3D skills and compositional knowledge studied at the DigiPen Institute of Technology with her 10 years of analog painting experience, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.

    Amber’s evolution into digital painting and design allowed her to introduce a new concept of this union, a fusion of modern and traditional Northwest art. Her use of traditional shapes, modern technology and love for pop art allowed her to push the boundaries and weave together elements from each part of her artistic passions. Breathing her designs to life with each shape telling a story through dynamic compositions and vibrant splashes of color.

  • Caden Roberts - Marketing and PR

    Born and raised in Washington State, Caden Roberts is head of marketing and PR for rezilient. With a passion for marketing, Caden dedicated his time to bringing cultural representation to mixed minorities to help them feel the greatest they can in their own skin. He is committed to seeing rezilient live up to all it stands for.

  • Cheshire AKA Squish - Mascot 1

    Cheshire adds a great charisma to the office, supervising from afar. Nothing escapes her watchful eye, not one scrap of paper left untouched.

  • Mr.Tumnis AKA Tummy - Mascot 2

    Provides endless snuggles to the point that he melts into you. Accompanied by bouts of clumsiness that never cease to amuse.