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Art Print: Spirit of the Fox

Art Print: Spirit of the Fox

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Step into the world of the "Spirit of the Fox" by Amber Spindel. As you gaze upon it, you'll be met by the striking image of a fox, adorned with native designs intricately woven in bright orange and deep brown. There's a certain elegance to its presence, a reminder of the timeless allure of the natural world.

But it's not just the fox that captivates your attention; take a moment to explore the background—a gentle oval filled with fluid lines of golds, oranges, and turquoise. Splashes of color escape the confines of the oval, hinting at the untamed spirit within.

This piece draws its inspiration from the rich symbolism associated with the fox. Sly and cunning, yet undeniably beautiful, the fox embodies resourcefulness and adaptability. In many cultures, foxes are revered as protectors, fiercely guarding their young with unwavering devotion.

As you contemplate this artwork, allow yourself to be reminded of the fox's wisdom. Embrace the qualities of ingenuity and resilience, finding strength in the knowledge that beauty and cunning go hand in hand. And may the spirit of the fox inspire you to protect what matters most in your own journey through life.



-Measurement - 8" x 10"


-High quality, signed print

-Printed on Ultra Premium heavy weight paper, with a matte finish

-Comes with a clear sleeve and cardboard backing

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