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Art Print: Spirit of the Octopus

Art Print: Spirit of the Octopus

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"Spirit of the Octopus" by artist Amber Spindel is a part of the spirit animal collection.

Dive into the whimsical depths of "Spirit of the Octopus," where the playful antics of a deep blue octopus take center stage as it happily nom-noms on a frothy blue wave. Amidst the backdrop of towering pastel green kelp leaves bursting through a rectangular outline, this scene invites you to embrace the joy of transformation and renewal.

Inspired by the serene beauty of the ocean and the mischievous charm of the octopus, this art print captures the essence of adaptability and regeneration. Much like the symbolism associated with the octopus, which signifies transformation and renewal, this piece is a celebration of life's ever-evolving journey.

But there's more to this tale—imbued with personal meaning, this artwork also pays homage to a special moment of beginning. As my first born began teething, I found solace in the playful nature of the octopus, a reminder of the resilience and joy that accompanies every new chapter in life.

So, allow yourself to be swept away by the playful spirit of "Spirit of the Octopus," and let the vibrant colors and whimsical details remind you of the beauty that surrounds us in both the natural world and the journey of life itself.



-Measurement - 8" x 10"


-High quality, signed print

-Printed on Ultra Premium heavy weight paper, with a matte finish

-Comes with a clear sleeve and cardboard backing

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