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Art Print: Spirit of the Hummingbird

Art Print: Spirit of the Hummingbird

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"Spirit of the Hummingbird" by artist Amber Spindel is a part of the spirit animal collection.

Step into the enchanting realm of "Spirit of the Hummingbird," where the graceful flight of this tiny aviator is captured amidst a flurry of vibrant red blossoms and swirling blue ribbons of air. Framed by a gentle half-circle outline, this captivating scene is a tribute to the playful spirit of nature's smallest marvel.

Drawing inspiration from both the mesmerizing dance of hummingbirds and their rich symbolism, this art print embodies a tapestry of meanings. Just like the hummingbird is a harbinger of good luck and intelligence, its presence here represents beauty and devotion—a reminder of the blessings and wisdom that surround us in the natural world.

So, as you gaze upon "Spirit of the Hummingbird," let yourself be carried away by the whimsy of its flight and the elegance of its form. Allow the vibrant colors and intricate details to ignite your imagination, and may the timeless allure of this piece fill your heart with joy and gratitude for the wonders of creation.



-Measurement - 8" x 10"


-High quality, signed print

-Printed on Ultra Premium heavy weight paper, with a matte finish

-Comes with a clear sleeve and cardboard backing

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