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Mini Sticker: Friends Mix and Match (Qty.2)

Mini Sticker: Friends Mix and Match (Qty.2)

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Mix and match two little friends to add to your collection!

Each one is a part of the animal friends series. A group of misfits to lighten your day with their many personalities.

Choose a mixed pair of friends from the selection provided.

You have :

-Little seal, who is ready to welcome you to the group with a big wave of the flipper

-Little otter, who is all the "excite" to show her favorite rock off to the world

-Little starfish, who takes it one meh day at a time, it's hard not to fall in love with his boundless floppiness

-Timid little snail, who finds it hard to get out of his shell, he prefers to stay inside and read a good book, he is chalk full of knowledge and facts that he loves to share with his friends


-Quantity - 2 mini stickers (Choose two mini seal friends or mix and match with another mini friend)

-Measurement - 1.25" x 1.5" (Height x Width approx.)


-Water resistant

-Made on premium vinyl with a glossy laminate layer for extra protection

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